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Conflict International is committed to the discovery and development of exceptional talent, underpinning our status as a leader in the fields of compliance, litigation, and strategic intelligence. Our operations span the globe, with our team’s expertise grounded in a comprehensive understanding of both international dynamics and local nuances. This unique combination enables us to partner successfully with some of the world’s best investigators, legal teams and other professionals.

In our pursuit of maintaining the highest standards of excellence, we are dedicated to fostering an environment of professional dedication and personal ambition. Our reputation for delivering gold-standard services is built on the work of our skilled and knowledgeable team.

Shaping investigative careers

At the core of Conflict International’s philosophy is the blending of fresh perspectives with deep-rooted expertise. This vital combination is key to generating forward-thinking and impactful strategies for our clients to get the results we are all aiming to achieve. Our team is made up of professionals with extensive backgrounds in security, investigation, and surveillance, including former military and police intelligence operatives, as well as legal experts who specialise in a variety of private and corporate matters. This diverse mix creates a vibrant environment where knowledge and skill are exchanged fluidly, ensuring we are primed to guide our clients and their advisors towards making well-informed decisions.

Everything we do is based on integrity, professionalism and the utmost discretion. If you would like a career in investigation, surveillance, risk advisory and intelligence and think we would benefit from your skills please get in touch.


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