Rescreening Checks

Very often if people are promoted to higher levels within a company, they are subject to a higher level of background check, known as rescreening, than may otherwise be necessary.

Conflict was asked to check someone who was recommended for an internal promotion, so we had to get regulatory references and a standard DBS check as well as a higher level of criminal record check. For higher levels within certain professions, you need advanced checks to show both spent and unspent convictions. The records also show convictions where you may have asked for them to be removed from your basic check.

Many background screening companies work on a tick box system, where certain checks are made and after a period of time if results cannot be determined they are simply marked as unverifiable. Conflict International goes further by contacting various parties, often including the person being checked, to work with them to ensure what they claim in their employment, personal or financial history can be verified.

Subsequent investigation showed the person had been convicted of a very minor offence in the past after failing to pay a fixed penalty which ultimately resulted in a court appearance, a fine and a criminal record. They had failed to notify the company of having a criminal record when first joining and had also applied for the conviction to be removed from the record.

The company who asked Conflict International to carry out the rescreening check were then able to reassess whether the person was still suitable for the promotion in light of the new information uncovered which had been hitherto concealed from their employer.


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