Core Values

Integrity, professionalism and discretion


Conflict International is dedicated to delivering exceptional risk management solutions with integrity, professionalism and discretion.

Our primary aim is to provide clients with comprehensive support in navigating complex security challenges, whether in corporate environments, legal matters or personal affairs.

We prioritise understanding and addressing your unique needs with tailored strategies that mitigate risks effectively.

Conflict International’s values serve as the cornerstone of our operations. Integrity guides every aspect of our work, ensuring transparency, honesty and ethical conduct.


The highest standards and professional values

We uphold professionalism by maintaining the highest standards of expertise, reliability, and confidentiality within our industry. We also strive for continuous improvement, regularly refining our methodologies and staying abreast of emerging threats and industry best practices.

Conflict International is certified in the UK to two of the most highly regarded international standards; ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems and ISO 27001 for Information Security Management Systems. We have also received Cyber Essentials certification from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre having demonstrated our commitment to Cyber Security within our organisation.


In addition, Conflict International holds Compliance and Protection: memberships with professional associations in the UK and internationally. They include the World Association of Detectives, the Association of British Investigators; the only association endorsed by the Law Society, and The Institute of Professional Investigators.

With these values at the forefront, you can be sure Conflict International is committed to delivering excellence in risk management solutions worldwide.


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