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The Process

Reaching out to Conflict International through contact via phone or email will lead to us initiating a professional and thorough procedure aimed at understanding and potentially solving your concerns or investigative needs.

The process is meticulously designed to ensure clarity, transparency and effectiveness from the outset, based on your specific requirements. This process unfolds in several key stages:

Initial Complimentary Consultation

The first step is to engage in an initial consultation. This helps us to understand your situation, objectives and the specific nature of the case. We gather as much information from you as possible to aid our investigation and help move forward to the next stage.

Complimentary Scoping Service

Following the initial consultation, we then undertake a professional assessment of feasibility as to whether a case can proceed further. Our scoping service includes initial open source checks, allowing our team to evaluate whether it is viable to continue with the investigation.

These initial checks assess the potential success and viability of taking the case further, and we can determine if enough evidence or leads exist to pursue the case comprehensively.

This phase is critical for setting realistic expectations and ensuring that your resources are invested wisely.

Workload Evaluation

From the initial assessment, we can then map out the scope of work that will be involved to investigate your case. This step involves determining the amount of investigative work required, including the resources, time and expertise needed to address your needs effectively.

Fixed Fee Quotation

Based on the assessment and the estimated workload, we can then provide you with a quote. This is presented as a fixed fee, ensuring transparency and allowing you to understand the financial commitment involved without worrying about unforeseen costs.

Outcome Forecasts

Conflict International will offer you a steer on what the outcomes of the investigation may be. While it is impossible to guarantee specific results in investigative work, this guidance is based on the expertise and experience of the team, giving the client a realistic perspective on potential outcomes and the success rate of similar cases.

Our structured approach allows you to be fully informed with a clear understanding of the potential paths forward.

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