Private investigation services

We provide surveillance, intelligence, private investigation and security services

Our approach to each case is founded on these beliefs:

Innovative intelligence and investigation

We believe that the essence of our investigation service lies in our unique capability to interpret and convey complex intelligence with unmatched precision and clarity. This is made possible through the exceptional creativity and innovative thinking of our professional international private investigators.


Comprehensive insight and analysis

Our approach to insight and analysis encompasses a thorough and expansive exploration, leveraging a multidisciplinary network of exceptional talents. We delve both broad and deep, ensuring that no stone is unturned in our pursuit of the full picture for each client we serve.


Professional international investigators

Our team are specialists in intelligence and combine rigorous information analysis with a commitment to excellence, constantly refining their expertise to ensure precise outcomes. We collaborate and align closely with our clients to achieve the best results through a shared dedication to success.


Bespoke investigation service

Every client at Conflict International receives a service that is unique. Tailored insights and direct access to project managers and regional experts mean that you benefit from a service that’s precisely aligned with your individual needs and objectives.

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