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Shield your digital assets with advanced cyber defences and threat intelligence

Reduce Vulnerability. Build Resilience.

Conflict International’s comprehensive solutions empower you to proactively defend against cyber threats, ensure operational resilience, and build trust with your clients.

Cyber threats are real, and they can have serious consequences for businesses of all sizes: data breaches, reputational damage, and costly operational disruptions.  Conflict International helps you mitigate these risks with proactive security measures.


Our Approach: Proactive, Tailored, Client-Focused

We work with you to understand your unique risk profile and create a customised defence strategy. Our solutions encompass:

Vulnerability Assessments: We identify weaknesses before attackers can exploit them.

Threat Monitoring and Intelligence: Stay ahead of emerging threats and respond quickly.

Penetration Testing: Ethical hacking to reveal vulnerabilities and improve defences.

Incident Response Planning: Swift and effective action minimises the impact of breaches.

Compliance Support: Adhere to GDPR and industry standards, avoiding costly penalties.

Employee Training: Your team is your first line of defence – empower them.

Let us build your bespoke cyber security strategy. Contact us for a consultation.

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Benefits of Partnering with Conflict International

Protect Your Reputation: Maintain client trust and avoid damaging headlines.

Ensure Business Continuity: Minimise downtime and keep your operations running smoothly.

Demonstrate Due Diligence: Meet regulatory obligations and shareholder expectations.

Gain a Competitive Edge: Cyber security readiness sets you apart from competitors.

Peace of Mind: Focus on your core business while we safeguard your digital assets.

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