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Conflict International are specialists in matrimonial and divorce case assistance.

We support family law departments, providing professional, discreet assistance in a variety of matrimonial, infidelity and child custody matters.

Our experienced teams can utilise a multitude of professional services both in the UK and internationally by providing covert surveillance and obtaining evidential footage of matrimonial infidelity taking place, to countering electronic surveillance if you believe your partner may be spying on you.

It is vital when gathering evidence that it is both compiled in accordance with existing legislation and that it is legally admissible in any court proceedings. Conflict International’s wide practical experience of working with legal teams ensures that you can get to the truth of the matter and that evidence can be used fully.

As well as surveillance we create a bespoke service for you depending on your exact requirements.  This can also include cohabitation reports used in Child Support Agency claims, asset reports, background checks and even polygraph testing.

We understand that where significant wealth is at stake not only can problems can be extremely draining emotionally and financially but they also have the potential to damage careers.

If you do not already have a legal team in place, we have close links with a number of specialist divorce lawyers based in London as well as other areas of the UK and internationally.

To find out more about our matrimonial and divorce services in more detail, please contact us for a confidential consultation.

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